Preparing For A Home Invasion And Surviving Until The Police Arrive

During a home invasion, homeowners may be forced to confront potentially violent criminals. Security systems connected with monitoring and emergency response services are a great investment since the devices alert the police the moment an alarm has been tripped. Families victimized by a home invasion, however, remain in danger until authorities arrive. Reducing the danger of a home invasion is only possible unless certain steps are performed both before and during the assault.

Plan for an Invasion

A family that is taken by surprise during a home invasion will have a difficult time responding to the invaders. To enhance safety, families should practice home invasion drills the same way they would a fire drill. All the main escape routes from different rooms in the home and how to get to them must be common knowledge among every member of the family.

Build a Safe Room

A safe room is a room in which members of the family can quickly enter and, once inside, hide securely. The safe room does have to be an elaborate secret hideaway. A single room in the home, usually one upstairs, can be fitted with a steel exterior door and an industrial grade lock. Anyone attempting a home invasion would have an incredibly difficult time breaking down such a door.

The interior of the safe room should have a disposable, fully funded “pay as you go” phone. This way, there is always a line open for someone to call the police if there is no time to grab a personal cell phone.

Yet, even the best plans for escaping or reaching a safe room bring no guarantees.

Do Not Let A Criminal Take You Out Of The Home

When a criminal is trying to remove you from the premises, you have to fight back even when the thug has a weapon. Sadly, the chances of survival after being kidnapped are very minimal. This is why fighting back is a must.

Yell, Scream, and Holler

The mere fact the alarm goes off should draw attention, but false alarms do occur. Yelling and screaming combined with a shrieking alarm might lead neighbors to respond which, in turn, could lead the criminals to exit your premises more quickly. After all, they do not want to be caught or have a confrontation with the police.

There are no easy answers to how to address a home invasion. With the right security system, like those at Alarm Reviews, the right plan, and the right action, even a very dangerous situation might have a positive conclusion.

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