4 Medical Marketing Ideas For Your Practice

Medical marketing involves more than running ads on television and radio and putting up billboards around town. You have to reach beyond these traditional methods to get the word out about your practice. Here are four ways you can attract new business and also ensure that you control the image of your practice. 

Focus on Your Practice’s Uniqueness

Of course, there are dozens of professionals in your area offering the same services as you. It is because of this, you need to set your practice apart from the competition. A great way to do this is to focus on what makes your practice unique. 

For instance, instead of just offering general care, market your practice as the go-to medical provider for blood pressure treatment. A gynecologist could focus on offering services to teenage girls and young adult women.

Reach Out to Potential Patients

It is important that your practice is well-represented at every medical event in your area. The more you participate at the events, the bigger your outreach is to potential patients. 

Medical events such as health fairs and charity driven events are a great way to get the word out. Offer free health screenings that focus on your particular specialty. For instance, you could offer free blood pressure screenings and risk assessments if you plan to market your practice as a high blood pressure focused business. 

Hold Giveaways

Most people love free stuff. Consider holding giveaways for special items each month. For instance, you could offer free stroke risk assessments every first Thursday at your practice. You could even give away free vaccinations to customers who meet certain criteria. 

Giving away the free items can help with word of mouth. More people will be driven to your business in an effort to score a freebie. Make sure you give your potential patients the best care and you could possibly turn them into lifetime patients. 

Create Newsletters

Each month, create a well-designed, informational newsletter that you can give out to potential patients. You can distribute them at health fairs and other medical events. Depending on your specialty, you might be able to leave them in areas frequented by people you are targeting. For instance, you could leave a newsletter focused on weight loss at gyms near you. 

There are many other creative ways that you can get the word out about your practice. In addition to using these tips, you can incorporate some of your own. Consider talking to a medical marketing expert, such as someone from MedNet Technologies, to help you find the best options for your practice.

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