What To Consider When Deciding Between Voicemail And A Live Answering Service

In today’s modern world (and with the downturn in the economy), individuals and businesses are always looking for legitimate shortcuts that will save money, increase revenue, and save valuable employee time and energy to be used on the most important tasks. While some of these shortcuts can be helpful, others can actually end up frustrating clients and decreasing the amount of business that you currently have. When it comes to choosing between a live answering service and just using a voicemail during hours when employees will be out of the office, the choice can end up being a difficult one to navigate. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a live answering service and discover whether or not it might work to your advantage:

Consider Your Business

Before making the important decision, ask yourself a few important questions about your business:

  • What size is your business, and how many clients do you serve on an ongoing basis?
  • Do your clients normally only contact your business during regular business hours, or is there are a need for contact during off hours?
  • How many voicemails do you listen to each day, and how much time is spent reviewing and responding to them?
  • How many calls are missed daily during off hours that did not leave voicemails (and could business have been obtained from the caller if someone was there to answer the phone?)?

As you ask yourself these questions and begin to determine the answers, you will have a much better idea of what kind of service will be best used for your company. If valuable time and energy is being spent listening to an overabundance of voicemails daily, you may want to consider hiring a live answering service simply to free up the time of your employees. In the same way, if you only experience calls during your normal hours, you’ll likely want to stick with voicemail for the few stray calls that come through in the off hours.

The Money Factor

Of course, using a voicemail box is the cheapest of the two options– but it may not generate the most money in the long run. As any good business owner knows, meeting the needs of the clients you have is paramount to building a strong future for your business. An answering service with a real person to talk to who will address any needs can help to alleviate stress and build happiness from your clients. Additionally, customers who are frustrated with the lack of response to urgent needs may end up finding business elsewhere– so considering the needs of your clients can help to keep them happy, and in turn keep your revenue coming in strong.

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