Factors A Personal Trainer Should Consider About Their Website

Are you a personal trainer planning to use a website to expand your business? Here are some factors you should contemplate about your internet presence: 

Usability: Your website might attract a lot of users, but a poorly designed site could cause them to leave quickly due to frustration. Your website design should include navigation that is sensible and consistent. Each page should have links in the same area. For example, if your contact page link is at the bottom of your home page, it should not be at the top of your recipe page. A well designed site will allow you to offer relevant information that’s organized in appropriate categories so visitors can easily find the articles they want. 

Informative: Websites are no longer viewed as mere additions to a company’s advertising. It’s no longer sufficient to have a website that merely displays your contact information and training methods. People now look for sites that offer helpful information. They may want your opinion on whether you prefer a soy or wheat based protein drink. They could be looking for your views on the right kinds of training shoes to wear. They might want your favorite low calorie meals and recipes. Offering constructive material can increase your customer base because they will perceive you as a trainer that offers value beyond training sessions.

Visual appeal: You may want to catch the eye of your potential customers by offering videos of your training techniques or photographs of your successful clients. but too many images could have the opposite effect. You could drive away visitors that perceive your site as being overloaded. Professional website design will strike the right balance of words, images and blank space. It will catch the eye without overworking the brain. A professional knows how to engage your visitors without frustrating them with too much content. 

Build trust: You may think word of mouth is enough to attract new clients, but a lack of an internet presence could cause concern among your potential customers. They may assume you can’t afford to pay for a website because you’re an inept trainer with few clients. They might think that a lack of a website  means that you use outdated exercise methods because you’re too old fashioned to use the internet. A professionally done website shows the public that you’re not a fly by night trainer. It proves that you plan on being around for a while because you’re making your presence easy to find.

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