Types Of IPV4 Addresses To Choose From

Are you interested in buying an IPV4 address, but are not sure what one to buy? Then by familiarizing yourself with the variety of IPV4 addresses out there, you can make an informed decision. This will prevent the unwanted scenario of buying one IPV4 address only to find that it does not match your requirements. With that thought in mind, read on for the different types of IPV4 addresses out there so that you can make the right choice.

Network Address

The network address is simply the address that used to identify a location in the network. An example of the network address would be, or perhaps Bear in mind that every single host of a particular network, such as, will have the identical bits, and whenever a network is referred to, the IPV4 address is always used.

Some network addresses cannot be bought because they are set aside for public IP networks. The addresses of a public network can be used by anyone who wants to do so and they will not require any registration. So public IP networks by definition are not for sale.

Broadcast Address

In the event that you want to send a message to a network, then you will need a broadcast address. This broadcast address permits a user to send a message to all hosts within a specific network that the broadcast address is linked to. Typically within a network range, the broadcast address will be the one that is the highest. That is the address where the bits are 1’s in the spaces that occupy the host portion. 

Communication works by transmitting a single packet of information to the broadcast address. This address then effectively relays the single packet many times to all the addresses in the network. This has the advantage of low bandwidth consumption for the initial sender.

Host Address

On a network, every single device must have a unique address assigned to them in order to receive communication, and that’s called the host address. With the IPV4 classification system, the host address will have values that are between the broadcast and network addresses.

The different devices on a network that will have a host address include laptops, PC’s, printers, scanners, IP phones and so on. Devices can easily be added onto the network by a network manager, and there is no limit to the number of devices that can be added. Click here to buy a IPV4.

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