New Perks For The Old School: 3 Awesome Ways The Internet Benefits Today’s Seniors

Many senior citizens have discovered that the internet is an incredibly helpful tool that allows them to pay bills, keep in touch with loved ones, and shop for goods and services from the privacy and convenience of their homes.

There are 3 ways the internet further benefits older Americans in ways that seniors from the past would envy:

The internet is the key to finding encore careers.

While an average of 65% of seniors being online today, only 20% of low-income seniors are using the internet. This is significant, because those unconnected seniors living in poverty would be able to use the internet to find jobs or online work if they wanted to continue earning wages.

Many available positions can only be accessed online, and most corporations hiring workers expect them to fill out their applications on the internet.  Quite a few jobs also require workers to use the internet as part of their job description, and every worker should at least know how to send and receive e-mail correspondence. Any senior who wishes to find a new job clearly needs internet skills to achieve that goal.

16% of seniors are remaining in the workforce, but they don’t necessarily need to leave their homes to stay employed. Working online is an excellent option for seniors who still have sharp skills but who may also have mobility issues. There are work-at-home positions for everyone from accountants to travel agents. With an internet connection, a senior can augment their Social Security and pension payments to live more comfortably and securely.

Finding love in the golden years is easier on the web.

Studies show that 43% of adult seniors feel socially isolated. Having access to the internet helps seniors feel involved in the world. They can look for love and find friends to provide that all-important human connection. Seniors have seen their younger family members find romance through online dating sites and chat rooms. Their younger relatives may even encourage seniors to dip their toes in online matchmaking sites. Today, the need for senior romance and socialization has been met by several new sites geared toward more seasoned partner seekers.

Online dating is a great way for seniors to meet new people and find their special someone. Informal, getting-to-know-you chats take place without the awkwardness of meeting in person. Potential companions can be researched online through social media and search engines, giving wary seniors more confidence to trust new friends they meet online.

Shy seniors learn about delicate subjects.

After they find dates online, seniors often have questions about the less romantic aspects of their love lives. Many older Americans were raised to keep mum about human sexuality. They may not feel comfortable about discussing issues they are having with sex or relationships. They may even feel shame or embarrassment.

But seniors need counseling and medical advice on their sex lives every bit as much as younger lovers. They need to understand STDs, safe sex, and other common problems they may encounter when they become sexually active again.

For seniors who have been out of the dating pool a while, having access to valid online sex advice is vital to keeping themselves physically and emotionally healthy. Fortunately, online medical sites are meeting that need. Seniors are using these sites to anonymously find answers to the most sensitive questions, protecting their privacy and their dignity.

To keep their internet running smoothly, it’s important for seniors to find remote tech support for seniors.  Be careful not to fall for tech support scams, but find a competent, ethical tech support company that will keep you online, whether you’re searching for a paycheck or a partner.