4 Benefits Of Using A Piezo Scanner

In the world of technology, a piezo scanner is a very specialized piece of equipment that has amazing scanning capabilities. This article will discuss 4 benefits that come along with using a piezo scanner.

They Use Multiple Electrodes

The piezo scanner is going to consist of a tube shape that has both negative and positive x and y electrodes on the outside of the tube. There is then going to be a z electrode on the inside of the tube. A scan is then going to be taken using the piezo scanner, and a voltage will be sent through the electrodes in order to get them to form into the specific shape that you would like them to be in. The voltage level on the electrodes allows them to form into pretty much whatever shape that you need them to. This type of scanner is going to be used quite often in things like scanning probe microscopes. 

They Are Incredibly Accurate

The piezo scanner is also going to create an incredibly accurate scan for you and is going to be accurate down to fractions of a nanometer. This is possible because as the scan is taking place, the electrodes are receiving voltages that allow them to move and shape themselves into the proper position.

They Are Fast 

Another benefit of using the piezo scanner is the speed at which it can scan something for you. In most industries, time is of the essence, making tools that are not only accurate, but also very fast in high demand. Because the piezo scanner is able to form the needed shapes incredibly accurately as it is scanning it, this is going to take very little time and will allow work to move forward on whatever the scan was needed for. 

They Can Consistently Reshape The Structure You Have Created

The piezo scanner isn’t just going to be able to create the shape that you would like once and be done, but will instead make constant corrections to ensure that the shape created stays in the correct position. Over time, the electrodes may begin to relax somewhat, causing the shape to change a bit, even if it is just by a nanometer. However, when precision is key, even this small change can have a negative impact. For this reason, the electrodes will receive a voltage to correct their position whenever they start to move out alignment.