Own A Business? Two Reasons Why You Need Managed IT Services

As a business owner, you understand just how important it is for your company to stay connected.  You need computers and other technological equipment that is in good shape, and you need consistent Internet service that lets your team share information in the cloud.  However, keeping all of your systems functioning is no easy task and you may be thinking about taking on an Information Technology (IT) department.  Although this may seem to be the right choice, managed IT services like TEC Consulting Group may be an even better option.  Use this information to learn more about why managed IT services is the right choice for your business.

Managed IT Services Save You Money

One of the main reasons why managed IT services is the superior choice is because it can be the key to saving money.  You may not be properly counting the cost of adding an IT department to your company.

Understand that when you bring in full-time IT workers, you’ll likely have to offer health insurance, of which your company will usually have to pay a significant portion of.  You will also need to provide time off and add the employee to your company’s worker’s compensation insurance plan.  All of these expenses can quickly add up and cut into your profits.

That’s why it’s such a good idea for you to go the managed route for your IT services.  The managed services company will typically have a number of other clients that they service as well, so you won’t be on the hook for paying their entire salary.  You can also order a la carte services with managed IT companies.  What this means is that you may not need the complete buffet of IT services, since there may be some tasks that you can handle in-house.

Managed IT Services Gives You Help Around The Clock

A frequent problem that some companies who have IT departments run into occurs when the IT team is gone for the day.  This means that if a serious issue occurs, it may have to wait until the next business day for a resolution.

When you have managed IT services, they are typically available no matter what time of the day or night it is.  You’ll be able to get the help you need without delay.

Working with a managed IT service could prove to be a very wise decision.  Don’t wait; contact one of these companies today so you can enjoy these terrific benefits and much more.

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Tips For Making Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that your phone is going to die and not being able to charge it. It means that you might not be able to hail a ride home as easily as you would like or split a ride using an app. It means that you won’t be able to play games, read articles, listen to music or podcasts, or order food. All of these things can make your life less comfortable. As a result, you likely want to make sure that when you do charge your phone that the battery lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Close Additional Browser Tabs

One common problem that sucks up a lot of your phone’s battery life is that you have multiple tabs open whenever you use your browser. If you don’t need a tab because you’re not streaming a podcast through it or for any other reason, then close it. This will significantly reduce the amount of power that your phone requires to run your Internet browsing app every time you are using it, thereby allowing your battery to last a lot longer.

2. Turn Off Tracking

Another thing that you can do is turn of your geographical tracking. The reason for this is that the geographical tracking is a process that runs every so often in the background. When it is running, it is using the power stored in your battery and draining it. If you are not doing something that specifically requires your location to be on, such as using an app that tells you where to go and tracks your location to give you realtime instructions for getting to your final location, then you genuinely don’t need to have your geographical tracking on. Turning it off can save you a decent amount of battery life.

3. Manage Your Brightness Automatically

Keeping your screen dim or managing the brightness of your screen automatically will allow you to ensure that your screen is the right brightness for the given circumstances and no more, allowing you to save your battery life for more important tasks such as watching videos of cats.

4. Have Your Screen Timeout Quickly

After a given amount of time, you screen goes black and has to be unlocked again if the screen is not being touched. Set your timeout to be very short so that there is less time wasted when your phone is idle but the screen is still on.

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4 Benefits Of Using A Piezo Scanner

In the world of technology, a piezo scanner is a very specialized piece of equipment that has amazing scanning capabilities. This article will discuss 4 benefits that come along with using a piezo scanner.

They Use Multiple Electrodes

The piezo scanner is going to consist of a tube shape that has both negative and positive x and y electrodes on the outside of the tube. There is then going to be a z electrode on the inside of the tube. A scan is then going to be taken using the piezo scanner, and a voltage will be sent through the electrodes in order to get them to form into the specific shape that you would like them to be in. The voltage level on the electrodes allows them to form into pretty much whatever shape that you need them to. This type of scanner is going to be used quite often in things like scanning probe microscopes. 

They Are Incredibly Accurate

The piezo scanner is also going to create an incredibly accurate scan for you and is going to be accurate down to fractions of a nanometer. This is possible because as the scan is taking place, the electrodes are receiving voltages that allow them to move and shape themselves into the proper position.

They Are Fast 

Another benefit of using the piezo scanner is the speed at which it can scan something for you. In most industries, time is of the essence, making tools that are not only accurate, but also very fast in high demand. Because the piezo scanner is able to form the needed shapes incredibly accurately as it is scanning it, this is going to take very little time and will allow work to move forward on whatever the scan was needed for. 

They Can Consistently Reshape The Structure You Have Created

The piezo scanner isn’t just going to be able to create the shape that you would like once and be done, but will instead make constant corrections to ensure that the shape created stays in the correct position. Over time, the electrodes may begin to relax somewhat, causing the shape to change a bit, even if it is just by a nanometer. However, when precision is key, even this small change can have a negative impact. For this reason, the electrodes will receive a voltage to correct their position whenever they start to move out alignment. 

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Create A Budget-Friendly Home Theater For The Kids

Keep the kids entertained when they’re spending time indoors by creating a home theater for them to enjoy. It can be done even on a tight budget with help from the following techniques:

Focus on the Audio

If you have excellent surround sound audio setup in your home theater space, you can create an exciting experience for everyone involved without the need for a full wall projection screen or huge flat screen television in place. By making audio the main attraction of your home theater, you can get away with using a smaller screen for viewing the actual movies on, which is sure to save you quite a bit of money on putting together the overall theater space.

It’s a good idea to have a home audio integration technician inspect your home theater space so you can sit down and devise an installation plan together that will provide optimal sound no matter where someone may be sitting in the room.

Your setup may consist or speakers in every corner and along the flooring of the space or may incorporate suspended speakers above movie-goers’ heads depending on the size and shape of the space you’re decking out. Ask your technician to come up with a plan that requires minimal maintenance and that won’t be at risk of damage from wear and tear due to kids using the space on a regular basis.

Enhance Basic Visibility

Because you’re incorporating a budget-friendly viewing screen that’s on the smaller side, it’s important to enhance visibility as much as possible to ensure easy watching from all seats in the room. Start by lining the wall that your screen will be placed against with black velvet material to create a theater look and feel.

Then place the television that you’ll be using on a floating shelf at least four feet above the ground, so it’s possible to see when people get up and move around while a movie is being played. Leave the rest of the wall empty of décor, so nothing distracts from the viewing screen. You can hang posters and other artwork on the three opposing walls to spice things up without taking away from the viewing area.

Create Some Floor Seating

Instead of investing in expensive couches and lounge chairs, consider creating comfortable floor seating with the help of bean bags. They are inexpensive, they provide some support and protection from the floor, and they can easily be moved around the room for optimal viewing opportunities among people of all ages and sizes. Choose bean bags that feature removable covers so they can be taken off and washed on a regular basis, which will come in handy if you plan to serve snacks during movie viewings.

These tips and tricks should make it easy to create a fun home theater for you, the kids, and their friends to enjoy even if you’re on a tight budget. 

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Need Internet? Pay A Premium For Fast Service To Enjoy Great Income Opportunities

Whether you are moving into a new place and need to get Internet service or a roommate is moving out and you need to choose another Internet service plan, you may want to put a great deal of thought into this decision for a number of reasons. Your Internet connection has never been more important, especially when you rely on so many things related to the Internet. Playing games, streaming movies, reading emails, and keeping in touch with family and friends are just some examples of what you can easily do with a superb Internet connection. If you want high-speed Internet, but are afraid of spending too much money, you should consider some of the ways that you can generate income by having this particular service.

Virtual Assistant

With fast Internet speeds, you will not have to wait for pages to load. As long as the servers running each website are up to par in regard to hardware, you should be able to load pages upon pages without delay, which gives you the ability to excel at being a virtual assistant. These individuals help other people or companies with basic or advanced online tasks. Whether this involves editing documents, researching businesses, publishing blog posts, or responding to website comments, one of the essential requirements is quick and reliable Internet speed. Virtual assistant jobs can range from part-time to full-time, it just depends on what you are able to find and what you are willing to commit in regard to weekly hours.


Another way that Internet can benefit you for earning money online is opening yourself up to online surveys. Trying to take these surveys on a slow connection would have you spending hours filling out each page to make very little. But, speedy Internet will help you get through surveys in no time at all. This is an important quality to prioritize if you are interested in making decent money from surveys on their own.


If you are looking for something a little more on the passive side, you can always watch videos and get paid. The main obstacle in the way of doing this with excellent success is your Internet connection. A top-notch, dependable Internet connection will have you loading up videos in seconds. But, something like satellite service might have you severely struggling to buffer videos in a short period of time.

Whether you are mildly or greatly interested in making extra money online, you should not be afraid to pay a little higher for better Internet with all of the opportunities available.

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