Factors A Personal Trainer Should Consider About Their Website

Are you a personal trainer planning to use a website to expand your business? Here are some factors you should contemplate about your internet presence: 

Usability: Your website might attract a lot of users, but a poorly designed site could cause them to leave quickly due to frustration. Your website design should include navigation that is sensible and consistent. Each page should have links in the same area. For example, if your contact page link is at the bottom of your home page, it should not be at the top of your recipe page. A well designed site will allow you to offer relevant information that’s organized in appropriate categories so visitors can easily find the articles they want. 

Informative: Websites are no longer viewed as mere additions to a company’s advertising. It’s no longer sufficient to have a website that merely displays your contact information and training methods. People now look for sites that offer helpful information. They may want your opinion on whether you prefer a soy or wheat based protein drink. They could be looking for your views on the right kinds of training shoes to wear. They might want your favorite low calorie meals and recipes. Offering constructive material can increase your customer base because they will perceive you as a trainer that offers value beyond training sessions.

Visual appeal: You may want to catch the eye of your potential customers by offering videos of your training techniques or photographs of your successful clients. but too many images could have the opposite effect. You could drive away visitors that perceive your site as being overloaded. Professional website design will strike the right balance of words, images and blank space. It will catch the eye without overworking the brain. A professional knows how to engage your visitors without frustrating them with too much content. 

Build trust: You may think word of mouth is enough to attract new clients, but a lack of an internet presence could cause concern among your potential customers. They may assume you can’t afford to pay for a website because you’re an inept trainer with few clients. They might think that a lack of a website  means that you use outdated exercise methods because you’re too old fashioned to use the internet. A professionally done website shows the public that you’re not a fly by night trainer. It proves that you plan on being around for a while because you’re making your presence easy to find.

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Why You Should Hire A Technician For Additional Security

Are you worried about your office dealing with a cyber attack? If so, and your computers network is not the most secured then you may want to act sooner than later and better protect your network system. If you are not a professional then you may want to consider outsourcing a certified technician who can secure your work’s computer network by:

Creating a Password Protected Login System:

If your network is not password protected then this essentially means that anyone can connect to your network, even an unauthorized user. Well, rather than have this happen and allow them to potential receive files that are shared on your network, be sure to keep your network protected. A technician will be able to create a password protected network login option, which only you, and your employees will have access to. This will help prevent the public from being able to access the files and data that are shared on your network.

Adding Malware and Virus Protection Programs:

Accidents happen, especially when browsing on websites that you or your employees are not too familiar with. If you or your employee happens to click on the wrong link then this can potentially pose a threat to your computer systems, as this can like be a harmful virus or malware attack. By having a technician install malware and virus scanners on your computer systems, you can prevent attacks, which will prevent anyone from being able to access your company files and data. This protects both you and your clients, which is extremely important and can add great security to your computer network.

Hiding Your Network From The Public:

Not only can your technician improve the security of your computer network services by adding password protection login systems or by helping you avoid a virus and malware attack, but he or she can also improve your network by hiding your network from the public. Having your network hidden from the public is a very effective way to improve security, as those who do not know your network’s name will not be able to login or view your network on their computer system.

By having these types of services done to your office network, you can improve the security for both your company and for the sake of your employees as these additional precautionary measures will prevent cyber attacks and keep company information secured. So, rather than continue to be unprotected and risk all of your company’s information of falling in the wrong hands, improve your security and outsource a technician who can assist you.

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What To Consider When Deciding Between Voicemail And A Live Answering Service

In today’s modern world (and with the downturn in the economy), individuals and businesses are always looking for legitimate shortcuts that will save money, increase revenue, and save valuable employee time and energy to be used on the most important tasks. While some of these shortcuts can be helpful, others can actually end up frustrating clients and decreasing the amount of business that you currently have. When it comes to choosing between a live answering service and just using a voicemail during hours when employees will be out of the office, the choice can end up being a difficult one to navigate. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a live answering service and discover whether or not it might work to your advantage:

Consider Your Business

Before making the important decision, ask yourself a few important questions about your business:

  • What size is your business, and how many clients do you serve on an ongoing basis?
  • Do your clients normally only contact your business during regular business hours, or is there are a need for contact during off hours?
  • How many voicemails do you listen to each day, and how much time is spent reviewing and responding to them?
  • How many calls are missed daily during off hours that did not leave voicemails (and could business have been obtained from the caller if someone was there to answer the phone?)?

As you ask yourself these questions and begin to determine the answers, you will have a much better idea of what kind of service will be best used for your company. If valuable time and energy is being spent listening to an overabundance of voicemails daily, you may want to consider hiring a live answering service simply to free up the time of your employees. In the same way, if you only experience calls during your normal hours, you’ll likely want to stick with voicemail for the few stray calls that come through in the off hours.

The Money Factor

Of course, using a voicemail box is the cheapest of the two options– but it may not generate the most money in the long run. As any good business owner knows, meeting the needs of the clients you have is paramount to building a strong future for your business. An answering service with a real person to talk to who will address any needs can help to alleviate stress and build happiness from your clients. Additionally, customers who are frustrated with the lack of response to urgent needs may end up finding business elsewhere– so considering the needs of your clients can help to keep them happy, and in turn keep your revenue coming in strong.

Contact Phone Masters Ltd for information about voice service options for your business.

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How To Get Limited Free Phone Service If You Can’t Afford A Regular Subscription

Phones aren’t just there for chatting with friends, many times the ability to access emergency services through a phone is a matter of life or death. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can ensure you have phone access even if paying for a monthly service isn’t something you can do right now.

Emergency 911 Service

According to rules by the FCC, it’s required that all traditional phones be able to call 911 emergency services. This is the case regardless of whether you are currently paying for service on the phone or not. This means that if you have a cellphone that doesn’t have service on it, you should be able to call 911 on it anyway.

It also means that if you don’t have a cellphone, you can buy an analog phone for around $5 at a yard sale for use during emergencies. The operator will also often offer to connect a call to a different number for a few dollars per minute through a credit card charge if you really need it during a non-emergency.

There are also some charities at churches and other organizations that sometimes give away free older phones.


If you need more regular phone service in order to do things like find a job, there’s a government program out there called Lifeline that lets you do just that. In many cases they will actually give you a free cell phone as well.

In order to qualify, you have to have an income that’s no more than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. But if you do qualify, the program can potentially set you up with a third party service for free minutes per month, free text messages per month, and even free data per month depending on the program.

Since 1985 when the program started, the percentage of households in low-income areas that have phone service has gone from 80% to 92% though, so you can be sure that chances are good that you’ll get in if you fall in the income range.

If you want to sign up, all you have to do is visit the Life Line Support website which will give you a list of companies to contact for getting discounted or free service.

Going with one of these programs can be an effective way to get back on your feet again since many jobs won’t hire you unless you can list a phone number where they can contact you.

For more information, consider contacting a local phone service, like Dalton Utilities. They may be able to tell you more about these services, or discuss any available deals or payment plans that can help you have the phone access that you need. 

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4 Medical Marketing Ideas For Your Practice

Medical marketing involves more than running ads on television and radio and putting up billboards around town. You have to reach beyond these traditional methods to get the word out about your practice. Here are four ways you can attract new business and also ensure that you control the image of your practice. 

Focus on Your Practice’s Uniqueness

Of course, there are dozens of professionals in your area offering the same services as you. It is because of this, you need to set your practice apart from the competition. A great way to do this is to focus on what makes your practice unique. 

For instance, instead of just offering general care, market your practice as the go-to medical provider for blood pressure treatment. A gynecologist could focus on offering services to teenage girls and young adult women.

Reach Out to Potential Patients

It is important that your practice is well-represented at every medical event in your area. The more you participate at the events, the bigger your outreach is to potential patients. 

Medical events such as health fairs and charity driven events are a great way to get the word out. Offer free health screenings that focus on your particular specialty. For instance, you could offer free blood pressure screenings and risk assessments if you plan to market your practice as a high blood pressure focused business. 

Hold Giveaways

Most people love free stuff. Consider holding giveaways for special items each month. For instance, you could offer free stroke risk assessments every first Thursday at your practice. You could even give away free vaccinations to customers who meet certain criteria. 

Giving away the free items can help with word of mouth. More people will be driven to your business in an effort to score a freebie. Make sure you give your potential patients the best care and you could possibly turn them into lifetime patients. 

Create Newsletters

Each month, create a well-designed, informational newsletter that you can give out to potential patients. You can distribute them at health fairs and other medical events. Depending on your specialty, you might be able to leave them in areas frequented by people you are targeting. For instance, you could leave a newsletter focused on weight loss at gyms near you. 

There are many other creative ways that you can get the word out about your practice. In addition to using these tips, you can incorporate some of your own. Consider talking to a medical marketing expert, such as someone from MedNet Technologies, to help you find the best options for your practice.

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Preparing For A Home Invasion And Surviving Until The Police Arrive

During a home invasion, homeowners may be forced to confront potentially violent criminals. Security systems connected with monitoring and emergency response services are a great investment since the devices alert the police the moment an alarm has been tripped. Families victimized by a home invasion, however, remain in danger until authorities arrive. Reducing the danger of a home invasion is only possible unless certain steps are performed both before and during the assault.

Plan for an Invasion

A family that is taken by surprise during a home invasion will have a difficult time responding to the invaders. To enhance safety, families should practice home invasion drills the same way they would a fire drill. All the main escape routes from different rooms in the home and how to get to them must be common knowledge among every member of the family.

Build a Safe Room

A safe room is a room in which members of the family can quickly enter and, once inside, hide securely. The safe room does have to be an elaborate secret hideaway. A single room in the home, usually one upstairs, can be fitted with a steel exterior door and an industrial grade lock. Anyone attempting a home invasion would have an incredibly difficult time breaking down such a door.

The interior of the safe room should have a disposable, fully funded “pay as you go” phone. This way, there is always a line open for someone to call the police if there is no time to grab a personal cell phone.

Yet, even the best plans for escaping or reaching a safe room bring no guarantees.

Do Not Let A Criminal Take You Out Of The Home

When a criminal is trying to remove you from the premises, you have to fight back even when the thug has a weapon. Sadly, the chances of survival after being kidnapped are very minimal. This is why fighting back is a must.

Yell, Scream, and Holler

The mere fact the alarm goes off should draw attention, but false alarms do occur. Yelling and screaming combined with a shrieking alarm might lead neighbors to respond which, in turn, could lead the criminals to exit your premises more quickly. After all, they do not want to be caught or have a confrontation with the police.

There are no easy answers to how to address a home invasion. With the right security system, like those at Alarm Reviews, the right plan, and the right action, even a very dangerous situation might have a positive conclusion.

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